Grand Power Systems manufactures transformers the meet or exceed industry certifications.Specification, Certification and Safety Requirement Marks found on Grand Power Systems products include: 

Underwriters Laboratories Listing Mark
Samples of the product have met UL’s safety requirements based on UL’s own published Standards of Safety.
UL Recognized Component Mark
This mark means that the component alone meets the requirements for a limited, specified use.
C-UL Listing Mark
Products with this type of mark have been evaluated to Canadian safety requirements by UL, which may be somewhat different than U.S. safety requirements.
CSA International Mark (formerly Canadian Standards Association)
This mark may appear alone, or with other qualifiers. If it appears alone, it means that the product is certified for the Canadian market, to the applicable Canadian standards.
CE (Conformité Européene)
To market electrical products within the European Union (EU), product conformity and the proper use of the CE mark on machines and control equipment is critical. As a supplier to global companies serving customers in the EU, Grand Power Systems pays special attention to meeting the EU specification and certification requirements.
Seismic Qualified
In order to meet seismic qualifications, products must go through rigorous testing to meet the International Building Code (2006/2009 IBC) and the California Building Code (2007/2010 CBC) requirements. Each test must also be met in accordance with ICC-ES AC156 seismic qualifications.

ISO 9001:2008

Our Business Management System has been certified to meet the requirements of ISO-9001:2008. In October of 2006, Warner Power successfully retained ISO-9001:2008 Certification and has been recertified by TUV-USA. In addition, Warner Power produces various products that are certified by UL and CSA Standards. With CSA’s Category Program, it is a necessity to meet the requirements of ISO-17025:2005 for our Test Departments.

Our equipment is geared to support a wide range from first piece prototypes to large volume production runs. All our operations are supported by our Quality Management System Manual, Standard Practice Work Instructions and document controlled Visual Aids that clearly identify the processes and disciplines we utilize as well as a Certified Operator Program.

Warner Power Quality Policy

Warner Power is committed to satisfying all our customers by consistently supplying quality products with the highest level of service and support. Our organization will operate with determination and utilize all available resources to achieve these goals while continually improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.

Warner Power Quality Objectives

  • Comply with Defined Customer Specifications and Requirements;
  • Meet or Exceed our Customers’ Expectations for Quality, Service and Delivery;
  • Continuously Improve our Quality Management System, Processes and Products;
  • Address Customer Concerns as Indicated by Objective Satisfaction Surveys.

Our ISO-9001:2008 Certificate is also available here for your review.

Contact your Warner Power Representative for more details.

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