DOE 2016 Transformers


• 220°C Insulation System (150°C rise)
• 80°C rise or 115°C rise
• Input/Output Protection
• Heavy Duty Ventilated
• NEMA Type 1 Enclosure
• K Ratings: K4, K13, K20
• ANSI 61 Gray Color
• Sprinkler Proof Enclosure
• Tip Jacks
• Electrostatic Shields
• Custom Enclosures Available
• 50 Hz Frequency
• Auxiliary Outputs Available

Premium Isolation Transformer

KVA Ratings: 50kVA to 1000kVA
Insulation Temperature Rating: 200°C (130°C rise) UL Listed Nomex Insulation System
Full Load Efficiency (FLA): Per DOE 2016 TSL-2 enhanced or to specifi cation
Primary Voltage Range: 208-600VAC
Secondary Voltage Range: 120-600VAC
Frequency: 60 Hz
Electrical Configuration: Delta/Wye Configuration
Neutral Rating: 2x FLA of Transformer
Tap Configuration: (1) 5% FCAN and (1) 5% FCBN Voltage Tap
% Impedance: 3-6%
Winding Material: Copper or Aluminum Coil Designs
Audible Noise: 60db Maximum
K Rating: K1
*Meets latest U.S. DOE 10 CFR Part 431 (effective Jan. 1, 2016) efficiency standards

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