Crystal Growing POWER SUPPLIES

Choose from SCR, Saturable Core Reactor, or Variable Transformer Control Technologies.


  • Crystal Growing


  • Designed for industrial applications, our power supplies are rugged, low maintenance units that have an expected life span of 20+ years.
  • Choice of constant current, constant voltage or constant power control, with single phase or three phase outputs, and regulation better than +/- 1%.
  • Air, water or closed loop liquid cooling systems.
  • Local or remote control using PLC or computer interface, with isolated and current feedback.
  • All power supplies can be designed with optional power factor correction, and auxiliary power capabilities.
  • Single or multiple outputs with common or individual output controls.

Technical Overview

Our experience includes designing custom power supplies for CZ, Bridgman, and other crystal growing techniques for single crystal, polycrystalline silicon, and thin film amorphous technologies.

Warner Power’s crystal growing power supplies offer precision process control, fault diagnostics, and more. Our power supplies offer economical solutions with design flexibility, robust dependability and ease of service. Warner Power is the source for your resistance  heating power requirements.

Resistive Heating Power Supplies Specifications

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