Career Opportunities With Grand Power Systems:

Quotation Specialist / Application Sales Engineer
Rev Date: 8/6/18

We are seeking a successful and highly motivated person to join our Technical Sales Team. In this role the candidate will interface with internal and external representatives such as engineers, buyers, or other professionals. Support sales operations with client facing functions’ and technical assistance. …

Quality Assurance Manager
Rev Date: 5/25/18

The Quality Assurance Manager is responsible for oversight of the organization’s quality management system and international agency compliance requirements such as UL, CSA, CE, RoHS, REACH, etc. Through the use of analytical tools the Quality Assurance Manager shall ensure and communicate to the organization…

Power Supply Engineer
Rev Date: 5/25/18

We are seeking a Power Supply Engineer to join our team located in Warner, NH.  In this role, the candidate is responsible for the design and implementation of high power AC and DC power systems and topologies.  The candidate must be able to work with minimal supervision in a fast-paced and highly technical setting…

Engineering Assistant Support
Rev Date: 8/6/18

It is the function of the Engineering Assistant Support to coordinate technical, engineering and clerical duties within the engineering department for optimal use of engineering time. This is a liaison position between the engineering department and other internal departments….

Production Supervisor
Rev Date: 3/19/18

Overall supervision of manufacturing operations.  Responsible for the efficient production of all customer requirements within the level of quality proscribed.  Overall responsibilities include leading the departmental manufacturing teams in achieving production schedules, properly maintaining our processing equipment and facilities to meet production schedules and quality standards.

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